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l'Attitude - vertical view A Walk in the Park Downtown Lake Shore Boulevard Way To Go Joy En Route If They Only Knew Beloved Girls Night Out Emergence 2 Untitled Still Life, Moving Parts 1 Still Life, Moving Parts 2 After The Party Silent Echoes The Possibilities Are Endless Adjusting the Space 1 Adjusting the Space 3 Here There and Everywhere 1 Been There in Blue 2 Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow's Promise Did You Know 2 Sign of the Times 6 Springtime A Permanent State of Happiness A Permanent State of Happiness 2 A Subtle Walk on the Road to Happiness Having A Great Time, Wish You Were Here Monologue Of Many Embracing The Difference Headspace Match Play Undecided On A Wednesday Been There In Blue Creating a Diversion Abstract 7 Whatever You Want Abstract 5 Pura Vida Arrival 1 Dance With Me 2 Above and Below Treed Urban Landscape 1 Urban Landscape 3 Urban Landscape 3 No Idea You Were There Renewal April Showers Meet Me At The Crossroads III May Flowers Motion Emotion Telling the Story Busier Than Ever Waiting for Spring 2 Out Of The Blue 2 Out and About Beach Music Poolside Wind Dance Red Hot Ever After Heart and Soul You Are Here Burnished Memories Welcome to the Neighbourhood Shifting Balance Bridging The Distance Setting Suns and Desert Moons Abstract 9 Untitled 3 Shifting Perspectives Untitled Direction Discovered Untitled 4
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